1 Hour Documentary | Sky Arts

The world was stunned when the Terracotta Warriors were first shown to the public. Now, we reveal an even more extraordinary archaeological find – China’s Naked Terracotta Army!

Since their discovery in 1974 the martial ranks of the Qin Terracotta warriors have fascinated the world. Yet mere kilometres away on the other side of Xian, an extraordinary, and perhaps even more significant later discovery, remains almost unknown to the outside world…

This special takes us to the breath-taking excavation site where the sheer scale and beauty of the figures is revealed. Graphic realisation shows us how this vast scheme was created, while dramatic reconstruction takes us back 2000 years to a time when one man held together a sprawling empire – and planned in exquisite detail the path of his own afterlife.

We uncover arguably the most remarkable archaeological find in China and tell the story of the Han Empire and the men and women who built this astonishing tomb.

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Writer & Producer: Lynette Singer