6 x 1 hour series | Channel 5

For the first time, the Imperial War Museum has allowed cameras behind the scenes at a critical moment in their history as they unveil ambitious new £30 million galleries. 

With exclusive access to over 33 million priceless historical treasures and a world class film archive of more than 23,000 hours of rare film footage, this series uncovers never before heard first-hand accounts, and reveals the pressure faced by a team of hundreds of IWM experts and volunteers as they work tirelessly to preserve the most important objects and stories from our past.

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Engrossing and informative series

The Telegraph

“This engrossing opener rat-a-tat-tats out a machine-gun barrage of facts and figures”

Radio Times


Series Editor: Chris Parkin

Producer/Directors: Jamie Hammick, Jon Hanney

Executive Producers: Richard Melman, Kathy Myers


A Spring Films production