3 x 1 Hour | Reader's Digest

Over the last few years technology has brought extraordinary advances in wildlife film-making, allowing us to access even the most remote and difficult terrains and to be the uninvited guests in the lives of the most sensitive and reclusive animals. This series takes advantage of the latest techniques to take us closer than ever to some of the worlds most rare and appealing creatures.

These three films feature some of the most astonishing wildlife footage ever recorded, revealing what animals really do when they’re alone, in the privacy of their dens, or relaxing away from the rest of the world.  From lions hunting at night to ants at war, from elephant kidnappers to the creatures of the deepest oceans, these are scenes once thought impossible. Disguised cameras, remote-controlled cameras, miniature cameras, transmitting cameras, infra-red light and many more new techniques record the action, from thousands of feet above the ground to just as far below the sea – and everywhere in between.

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Directed by Lynette Singer
Writer: Lynette Singer
Executive Producer – André Singer
Executive Producer for Reader’s Digest – Linda Romano

A Spring Films production for Reader’s Digest Global Video