40 mins | BBC1

After decades of rising house prices, many of the North London Hassidic Jewish community  –  based on an 18th century Ukrainian sect –  are upping sticks and relocating 50 miles east to the more affordable marshy green fields of Canvey Island in Essex.

This film follows the reactions of the island’s residents as they meet their new neighbours. With unique access to the Hassidic community, we watch as they attempt to settle into their new seaside home – which was recently voted ‘the most English place in Britain’. It has the potential to be a culture clash, but community leaders are determined that good neighbourly relations will prevail.

The programme follows Chris Fenwick, island native and manager of rock band Dr Feelgood, as he organises a joint dinner party for both communities with social integration at the top of the menu. With Anglican priest David Tudor and key Hassidic elders on side, can Chris bring the  Canvey Island communities together?

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Directed and Produced by Riete Oord
Executive Producer: André Singer

A Spring Films & Eyewitness Films Production