We live in the Anthropocene era. And here is the film that tells you what it means for humanity to live in a world that we totally dominate.

Humanity is going through an epochal transition to a new reality, where the planet is shaped by our own presence more than by nature itself. On the other hand, we are less in agreement about whether this is a tragedy, comedy, or something more surreal. But what does it mean to exist in a geological era, which we totally dominate: the anthropocene era? And does man have a future? ‘Anthropocene’ is the first film that deals with an all-pervasive paradigm shift and with a term, that in no time has gained ground as the name of our times. An international community of scientists give us their take on the Anthropocene revolution’s global consequences in a way that will make anyone who is used to counting the time in hours and minutes feel dizzy. But which also very specifically and based on vast amounts of data – and well-chosen black-humour clips from the 20th century’s inexhaustible dustbin of popular culture – sees today’s ecological and climatic changes from a new and deeply thought-provoking perspective.

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Directed by Steve Bradshaw

A Flaxmoor production in association with Spring Films