RTS – Indian Space Dreams

Sue Sudbury's terrific film on the launch of India's first satellite has been nominated for a Royal Television Society Southern Region award in Best Single Doc category.  Congratulations Sue and fingers crossed.


A Sequoia/Spring Films production.

“Almost miraculously uplifting TV”

Read the Guardian's four-star review of 'How to Stay Out of Jail'


Thank you Jemma, Martha and the amazing Checkpoint team.

Spring has Sprung

February has been quite a month for Spring! Last's night's screening of the first of our new Prison series had 1.2 million viewers and tonight we have got our premiere of 'How to Stay Out of Jail' on at 10 pm. That's followed by another chance to see Prison at 11 pm. Not forgetting the second episode of Prison - TRAUMA is on next Monday at 9 pm and FAMILY on the 2nd of March.

Thank you everyone at Channel 4 for your help and support in making these challenging, exciting and important programmes.

Cool Daddio comes to DocHouse!

We're delighted to announce that Cool Daddio will screen in London at the world-famous Bertha DocHouse on the 3rd of March 2020.
If you want to be the coolest kid on the block book your tickets now


The multi-award-winning documentary series returns, this time switching its gaze from men's prison HMP Durham to HMP Foston Hall - a woman's jail. Here more than 300 women are banged up for everything from non-payment of fines to murder. Yet Director Paddy Wivell finds humour and tenderness in every corner in 'St Trinians on crack' as one inmate describes it.

Monday nights at 9 pm on Channel 4. Not to be missed!

See the trailer @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-a_BggO9V0&feature=youtu.be

Director: Paddy Wivell

Shoot Producer: Jack Wood

Location Producer: Marian Mohamed

Editor: Chris Nicholls

Exec Producers: Kathy Myers and Richard Melman


How to Stay Out of Jail

Next week Channel 4 is showing Spring's HOW TO STAY OUT OF JAIL following an elite police team whose extraordinary mission is to not to send criminals to prison. Based in County Durham each year the local police apprehend thousands of offenders accused of everything from drugs to assault to child neglect or domestic abuse. Some offenders are given a once in a lifetime chance to reform and cancel out their crime by joining a tough 16-week scheme. If they fail it's off to court and possibly prison.

Directed by Jemma Gander with Assistant Producer Martha Baily. The Executive producers were Kathy Myers and Richard Melman

C4 TUESDAY the 18th at 10PM - Don't Miss It!

Indian Space Dreams goes gold

Indian Space Dreams directed by Sue Sudbury is a Gold Award Winner at the Spotlight Film Awards. Congratulations to Sue and all the team!

And.... Nat Geo will be showing Indian Space Dreams this Saturday (25th) at 9 pm in India with another 83 territories in Asia seeing it on February the 8th.

Papa Cool

Cool Daddio is having its French Premiere in Paris at the

FAME 2020 - International Festival of Films on Music

on Saturday, February 15, 2020, at 7.15 p.m.

Si vous souhaitez acheter un billet, rendez-vous sur


C'est très amusant!


Night Will Fall is Back!

We are delighted to say that More4 will be repeating our Emmy, Peabody and RTS award-winning documentary on the liberation of the concentration camps on the 25th January at 9 pm.


Meeting Gorbachev… again!

Spring Films hosted a special premiere of the Werner Herzog / André Singer film ‘Meeting Gorbachev’ in Moscow in front of Mikhail Gorbachev. The last President of the Soviet Union arrived against the advice of his doctors insisting that he wanted to see the film.

“The film is good.  I can judge what is good and what is bad, including in my own life.  But I like this film.  It’s realistic and it’s dramatic - like life itself!”
– Mikhail Gorbachev

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