Feature Length Documentary

We tell the story of Kazakhstan’s place in the Cold War struggle for nuclear supremacy, and the power of the human spirit as victims and participants from that struggle find their own ways to survive.

Between 1949 and 1989 the Soviet Union carried out 456 nuclear tests on the Kazakh steppes in an area roughly the size of Belgium. Soviet operations were wreathed in secrecy, but it is becoming clear that the Kazakh villagers who faced the daily reality of living in nuclear fall out zones continue to be victims of a war that was not their own.

This feature-length documentary follows Kazakhstan’s fight to be rid of its nuclear legacy and its call for a peaceful world free from the threat of nuclear weapons.

We follow the story of a poet, a painter and a musician who have used the redemptive power of art to overcome their cruel inheritance.

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“Deeply upsetting, disturbing and necessary. A wonderfully put together piece of work. Simply and frankly wow”

Stephen Fry


Directed by André Singer
Writer: Lynette Singer

Executive Producer: Richard Melman

A Spring Films production.